Teriparatide Injection


Teriparatide Injection:

Teriparatide is used in post-menopausal woman and men who have osteoporosis and are at high risk for bone fractures. It is often used when other treatments fail or in severe forms of the disease. Teriparatide itself builds bone and is different from other forms of osteoporosis treatment, which prevent bone breakdown. It is given by subcutaneous injection daily for two years, via a pen-injector.

Surangana Dhar, 26Y/F

Treated for – Vasulitis

I was suffering from severe painful joints, rashes, fever, bleeding. Dr Choudhuri diagnosed me as a case of vasulitis. He treated me with care, referred to surgeon for skin biopsy. His treatment has helped me a lot. And now rashes are gone, pain is also very less. Thank you.

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