Synovial Fluid Replacement Therapy (Viscosupplementation)


Synovial Fluid Replacement Therapy (Viscosupplementation):

Viscosupplementation is a medical procedure during which a small amount of lubricating fluid, containing hyaluronic acid is directly injected into a joint. By adding hyaluronic acid to the existing joint fluid, the goal is to – facilitate better joint movement, reduce pain & perhaps slow osteoarthritis progression. Typical candidates for viscosupplementation are people with knee osteoarthritis who have failed to improve with other non-surgical treatments and want to avoid or postpone knee replacement surgeries. This procedure is intended mostly for knee joints, but can also be used for shoulder or ankle joint diseases. Almost 6 months to one year of pain free period can be achieved.

Surangana Dhar, 26Y/F

Treated for – Vasulitis

I was suffering from severe painful joints, rashes, fever, bleeding. Dr Choudhuri diagnosed me as a case of vasulitis. He treated me with care, referred to surgeon for skin biopsy. His treatment has helped me a lot. And now rashes are gone, pain is also very less. Thank you.

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