Dr Bodhisatwa Choudhuri

Fibromyalgia Treatment in Kolkata, India

MRCP Acute Medicine, Dip. Rheumatology (UK),
EULAR Cert in Rheumatology, CCEBDM, FCCS

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Patient Testimonials

Surangana Dhar, 26Y/F
Treated for - Vasulitis
I was suffering from severe painful joints, rashes, fever, bleeding. Dr Choudhuri diagnosed me as a case of vasulitis. He treated me with care, referred to surgeon for skin biopsy. His treatment has helped me a lot. And now rashes are gone, pain is also very less. Thank you.

Jayanta Das, 56Y/M
Treated for - Subacromian bursitis
I had visited Dr Choudhuri some days back. I heard about from one of my neighbours who was treated by him. He gave me excellent reviews about him. So, I went to him. My 17 year old daughter was suffering from severe right shoulder pain and stiffness for last few months. She could not move her arm, couldn't write properly, couldn't eat. sometimes she couldn't even hold pen or pencil. She couldn't give her school exam because of this pain. I took her to a renowned orthopedic of this city, who did lot of tests, x-rays, even CT scan with contrast of right shoulder, did not find anything. He suggested few painkillers, none of them helped. He suggested physiotherapy, which actually increased the pain. One night my daughter woke up from her sleep and started shouting and crying because of her pain. That's when I decided to see Dr Choudhuri. When I took her to see him, within minutes he diagnosed that she is suffering from 'Subacromial bursitis', without even seeing her old reports! He told me that reports should be normal in this disease, only abnormality can be found in MRI, which was not done yet! He examined her for sometime, told that there is nothing to worry, and she would need some local steroid injections in shoulder, along with some oral tablets. No need to do MRI now. It got me scared. He reassured me that there is nothing to be scared of. He explained the disease to me and my daughter with diagrams and urged us to go through internet to learn more about the disease. He told that she would need 3 injections at 3 weeks interval. My daughter refused to get the injections. So he gave her some oral drugs and told her to go through internet and YouTube, to learn more about the disease. After coming back home, she immediately started searching in net and found out that Dr was right. Steroid is the treatment. After a lot of searching in web and YouTube videos, she was convinced and went back the next day for injections. Dr Choudhuri himself gave the injection, cleaned the area before and bandaged it afterwards. He allowed my wife to be present during the procedure, which was really very reassuring, as my daughter was really scared. After 10mins of the injection, for the first time in a long time, she told me that she was not feeling any pain. That night she slept so peacefully. Next day, the bandage was removed, and she moved her arm so freely, combed her hair on her own!! Last week she got her 2nd injection. Its been a month now and the pain is just gone. It was so relieving to see her smile now before her exams. Thank you Dr for giving my daughter her future back. I really recommend him to everybody regarding his treatment skills.


Vinita Nair, 46Y/F
Treated for - Dengue

I was suffering from fever, cough, breathing troubles. He diagnosed me perfectly to have dengue. I had water collection in my lung and heart. His meds helped me a lot. He was so polite and explained everything in details. I called him in odd hours. He always picked up his phone and responded to my queries. I recommend him to everyone for his medical skills.

Arpan Samaddar, 52Y/M
Treated for - SLE

My wife is suffering from SLE for some years now. I took her to Chennai Apollo, Vellore, Hyderabad, and various other doctors and hospitals. But her problems increased. Her joint pains increased over time. She started having rash in face and abdomen pain. One of my friend suggested visiting a rheumatologist. I went to see Dr Choudhuri. His medications have helped my wife a lot. Joint pains have reduced. Rash came down. She told her not to continue steroid and folitrax which she was having for 3 years now. Those were the reasons of her stomach pain. Now she is almost pain free with drugs and physiotherapy.

Sukanta Ghatak, 38Y/M
Treated for - Diabetes, Hypertension, Gout

I am a patient of diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and other cardiac ailments for some time now. I have visited multiple doctors, all of whom suggested various tests and medicines. But sadly none of the combinations could control my BP or reduce my sugar levels. My BP was persistently around 160-170/100-110, fasting sugar was 182, HbA1c 10.6. Then I found Dr Choudhuri in practo. Called him. He asked which time would be good for me and according to my convenience, he suggested clinic location and time. When I visited his clinic, he took his time listening to my problems, looked into all my old reports and prescriptions. He explained all the problems I was having, some were due to my diseases and some due to side-effects of existing drugs. He suggested insulin, which I was reluctant. So he modified some of my existing medications, added a few, combined some of them. I used to take 14 tabs before visiting him, he made it 9, cut out few unnecessary drugs. He explained the side-effects and need of each drug. We spent nearly 30mins in his clinic. And I must say his prescription was very neat and clean. I had no difficulty in understanding his handwriting or names of the medicines (in my experience, most doctors have illegible handwriting). He clearly wrote directions for each medicine, when to take them. After 1 month, my fasting sugar came down to 122. At 3 months, my HbA1c is 5.4. BP has come down to 130/90. I could not have expected any better result. And he has already started reducing the doses of the drugs, has stopped one costly drug altogether. The best thing is he is always available on his phone. I called him in few odd hours. He always picked up and responded kindly & calmly without any irritation. I am really pleased to have found such a nice doctor.

Manpreet Brar, 27Y/F
Treated for - Rheumatoid arthritis

I have been under treatment of Dr Choudhuri for almost a year now. For a long time, I had this severe joint pain in all over my body and it was gradually increasing over time. I visited my local physician who did few tests. To learn I was RA factor positive was one of the most difficult experiences of my entire life. I googled about it and found horrible depressing updates. I thought my entire life was going to get ruined, as I heard that it cannot be cured. And I wasn't even married!! My physician suggested a rheumatologist and I found Dr Choudhuri. God bless my luck that I found him on right time. He comforted and convinced me there was hope I could actually lead a normal life. He explained the disease to me, what it can do, and what can be done to prevent progression. He did few more tests and explained them to me. He did an echo himself and told me I had some fluid collection around my heart and lungs, along with few other problems. I was scared, but he explained so simply with diagrams. As the disease was caught early he designed an early and aggressive treatment program for me. A lot of drugs were there initially, but with time numbers reduced. Now after a year, I am only on 3 medicines, pain free, almost symptom free. He was always available, always polite, took time to listen to my problems. I called him when I was out of Kolkata, he advised drugs over phone. I mailed him, he replied. His brilliant research with facts and figures made me trust him. A true gentleman. I wholeheartedly recommend him for all medical problems.

Basab Roy, 47Y/M
Treated for - Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Diabetes

I looked up Dr Choudhuri from Practo. I found him for my parents. My mother suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, father from osteoarthritis. They have visited multiple doctors, without much relief of pain. Someone suggested knee replacement which my father didn't want. We visited Dr both in Lokenath Medical hall & Health etc. I must say his clinic Health etc is much bigger & spacious. Dr Choudhuri thoroughly examined my parents, looked into all their old files. He repeated few tests & x-rays which were not done before, or done a lot before. Recent tests were not repeated. He told that my mother was having rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, osteoporosis. My father was having severe both knee osteoarthritis. He gave medicines & exercises for my mother, and suggested physiotherapy. For my father he gave some injections which he called viscosupplementation. The injections were costly, was given by him only in the knees. Then he told to follow up after 3 months (to my surprise). And I must say, the injections worked like wonders. He gave total of 5 injections, one every week. And my father is now feeling much better. He is able to walk without any stick, climb stairs, much less pain. My mother also felt much better with her treatment. The good thing is he was always available over phone. He even visited my father once at home, when he fell ill with fever. He has now become our family physician. My father's blood pressure, mother's diabetes all are under his treatment now. And my parents are really feeling much better. His approach, his behavior all are just remarkable. And he always adjusts his times according to his patient's convenience. I am really lucky to find such a nice doctor.


Enayet Hussain, 7Y/F
Treated for - Ankle Pain

I came to know about Dr. Bodhisatwa from practo. My daughter was suffering from acute pain below her right ankle which used to happen occasionally. I used to give her paracetamol solvent recommended by her general physician. I had been told by her physician that her ankle shape is not perfect arch due to which she has that pain. Once i took her to a neurologist as I thought it could be a nerve problem and that doctor prescribed her to take penicillin injection for 5 years by just diagnosing with ASO titre blood test which was high in count at that time. Over here I would like share that ASO titre remains high in count for various reasons like infections, tonsil and arthritis and many more. Before that test she was suffering from tonsilitis due to which ASO count was high. Literally me and my wife was very worried because that injection was supposed to continue for once in every month for continuous 5 years. My sister-in-law found the name of Dr. Bodhisatwa from practo and we took her to him, he did Echo, knee and ankle x-rays and he assured that it could not be rheumatic fever or rheumotoid arthiritis but can be confirmed only with some multiple blood test which I did and guess what, all my daughter's report came negative. It was a sigh of relief for all of us. The doctor diagnosed that she was lacking of vitamin D3 that is all due to which she was having that pain. Now she is taking dosage of vitamin D3 and she is not having any pain. I thank to Dr. Bodhisatwa for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Arka Roy, 26Y/M
Treated for - Ankylosing Spondylitis

When a sudden excruciating pain in my neck was bothering me, I found Dr. Choudhuri from Practo. He helped me with proper medication and early diagnosis of the chronic disease followed by some blood tests and x-ray was helpful. He suggested medicine for next 6months and whenever I try to connect him saying my problems, he replies and he listens to all my problems with patience that's a very notable point what each and every patient expects from a doctor. I'm happy with his treatment and I would like recommend him to my friends and acquaintances. I thank you doctor for your correct diagnosis and treatment, am undergoing.

Amit Sinha, 32Y/M
Treated for - Ankylosing Spondylitis, Dengue fever

I got info about Dr Choudhuri from practo. I have been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis for last 10 years now. I have visited many doctors in Bangalore & Kolkata. Recently for last few months, my pain & swelling had increased a lot. I visited few doctors in some big hospitals in Kolkata. All of them suggested injections which were very costly, not possible for me to afford. As a last ditch, I went to Dr Choudhuri, as I read rave reviews about him in practo. When I first called him, he listened to my problems and told me to bring all my old files. In his clinic, he reviewed all my old prescriptions (last 10 years, it was quite a bunch!) in detail, examined me. He told me injections would be ideal & best for me, but he understood that they were costly, and he told me he would try something different. He told me to undergo an ultrasound of swollen right knee and fluid analysis from there. After seeing those reports, he drained fluids from my knee and gave a steroid injection inside my knee! He explained it was necessary and wouldn't hurt me, and he did take really great care of the procedure. No pain during injection at all. After that he gave me some medications, showed some exercises and advised physiotherapy. It's been one month now, and the swelling has not recurred so far. Pain also reduced a lot, and I am able to move my legs freely, able to climb stairs! His treatment has done wonders for me. I was actually very depressed initially, those pains were ruining my life, it was difficult for me to even work. Now everything feels better. It's like getting a new life! He has now become our family physician. My wife was suffering from high fever, calpol was not working. When I called him up, he told me to do tests for dengue. It came positive! i was worried sick. Everyone advised me to admit her to a hospital. But Dr Choudhuri said no need to admit, platelets were 85000, not very low. Hospital admission may actually increase chances of other infections. He even visited her at home in odd hours! And he was right. Her condition has improved a lot now, thanks to his meds. Platelet also increased to 130000. The great thing about Dr is not just his treatment, it's his friendly attitude. Rather than insisting on his points, he listens and understands the issues of his patients. He never rushes his visits, gives enough time for every patient. And he is always available over phone. He is definitely one of the best doctor I have visited in Kolkata.

Anindita Halder, 24Y/F
Treated for - Allergic rhinitis

The last 3 doctors I visited had simply concluded my condition as common cold, it was Dr. Bodhisatwa who diagnosed me with allergy, upon testing I found that I was highly allergic and my condition was severely alarming. My treatment was started asap and after 3 months I am a lot better, I am now able to lead a normal life and am not bothered by the pain and irritation caused by my allergies. My medications are on and I am recovering exceptionally well. The best point which I love about Dr. Bodhisatwa is that he always explains me about my condition and treatment in detail also he always listens patiently and acts upon any update on my medical condition or symptoms rather than ignoring the same. Dr. Bodhisatwa also doesn't believe in giving a lot of medicines, all his medicines are effective and work very well. Would definitely recommend.

Sneha Priya, 28Y/F
Treated for - Seronegative polyarthritis

I was suffering from extremely bad body ache/joint pain/fatigue. Visited many doctors private & govt. both. None could diagnose my disease. I found Dr. Choudhuri on Practo. He thoroughly carried out all necessary check ups and made me understand dos-don'ts of disease. He gives sufficient time in listening to grievances. Not every doctor does this. I followed his instructions completely and medicines prescribed by him have magical effect. I have regained my energy and totally satisfied with the treatment. Finding a good/honest doc now-a-days is next to impossible. I am fortunate to have found him. The proverb, "Doctor's are God's representatives" is well-suited to him.

Banashree Sarkar, 25Y/F
Treated for - Ankylosing spondylitis, Dengue fever

I got Dr Choudhuri's name from one of my friend. I was suffering from low back pain for longtime. Every doctor told me it was lumbar spondylitis, but the treatment did not help. Dr Choudhuri first told me it was not simple spondylitis, but a disease called ankylosing spondylosis. My other symptoms also matched like palpitations, breathing troubles, gland swellings etc. He gave medications which have helped me a lot. Also later when I was suffering from dengue, I was admitted under him. I had bleeding from my gums & teeth. He saw me everyday, treated me well. He was very helpful throughout my stay in hospital, and also after discharge. He is always available over phone, giving advices when needed. He also advised me time to time in whatsapp. Very few doctors do that. I owe a lot to him.

Jayant Prasad, 19Y/F
Treated for - Wrist TB

My sister was having pain in my right wrist for longtime. She was in so pain, not able to sit for her exam, as she couldn't even hold pen properly. I visited lot of orthopedic, medicine, physiotherapy doctors, but no help. Pain reduction was temporary. Then I found sir in practo. He saw all the reports and examined her. He said the reports, fevers, gland swelling all suggested to TB. He told her to do a MRI of wrist which proved TB. He aspirated fluid from the joint and tested for TB. We were scared, but he told us nothing to worry. He gave us treatment to continue for 6 months. After 2 months he reduced no of drugs. It's now 3 months, my sister is so much better. So little pain now. Thank God we found him. He is always so caring and attentive, so helpful. He even suggested discounts for few costly tests. Thank you sir.

Paritosh Chatterjee, 47Y/M
Treated for - Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis

I found Dr Choudhuri in my locality clinic. Our regular doctor was not available, so I went to him thinking as temporary measure. But it turned out to be something entirely different. He looked at all my parent's prescriptions, did the necessary tests, and did few changes in the prescriptions. Also his medicines are definitely cheaper than what they used to take. He first told us that my mother's joint pain and back pain was not simply due to arthritis, but she was actually having osteoporosis. With treatment her pain subsided. The ad-hoc arrangement turned out to be a very wise decision, forced me to change my old doctor to him. He always talks to the patients, listens to their complaints, explains the problems, gives enough time in each visit. He has now become our family physician treating my parents, grandma, daughter, wife, myself included. I would strongly recommend him to all my friends and relatives.


Amrito Chattopadhyay, 39Y/M
Treated for - Diabetes, Hypertension

I visited the doctor for my high BP & diabetes problems. I was also having palpitations & chest pains. He told me to do ecg. Then he did the echo himself. He explained my problems so beautifully with diagrams. His medicines have helped me a lot. Both my BP & sugar are in control now. Chest pain also gone. I am thankful to him. God bless Dr Choudhuri.


Angelina Thami, 24Y/F
Treated for - Abdomen pain

He was very helpful and had concern for his patient. His treatment worked... Medicines prescribed was really helpful... Thanks...

Kousik Kundu, 32Y/M
Treated for - Arthritis, Spondylosis

Had a great experience visiting Dr. Choudhuri. He is doing justice to the profession he is in. In the current world where doctors has turn to money makers, he is not in that race, at least I feel so. What is expected from a doctor is giving attention to the patient and he is giving that. I have been visiting him for the treatment of my wife having multiple joint pain as she is having Arthritis and Spondylitis. With the prescribed medicine and exercise the pain are in control now. I know these are not going to cure by medicine and one needs to be in regular exercise and some medicine to keep it in control. But as I said earlier what I like about Dr. Choudhuri is the attention he is giving to his patient. I am satisfied with his treatment and recommend others.

Tania, 33Y/F
Treated for - Frozen shoulder, Lumber spondylosis

For 10 years I was residing in Bangalore for my education then job. During that period, I have been experiencing many clinics and hospitals for my mother's treatment. As I did not have any trust on Kolkata treatment system and the unprofessional side of it I used to avoid going any clinic in Kolkata. But in the month of March 2017 for the first time I went to Health ETC searching for Dr Bodhisatwa Choudhuri for my shoulder pain and my mother's lower back, knee pain. Both of us were highly satisfied by consulting him and my mother got recovered from acute pain. Dr. Choudhuri had changed my negative opinion towards Kolkata doctors by healing us. Now I am very much well and everyday my mother remembers him. I strongly recommend to visit Dr. Bodhisatwa Choudhuri for orthopedic related problems.


Harpreet Janeja, 21Y/F
Treated for - SLE

A very patient doctor and he has given me the right treatment which has helped to lead a normal life. Could not have found a better doctor in my locality than him for my illness.


Mahuya Adhikari, 28Y/F
Treated for - Knee pain

Always available on phone for discussion regarding treatment. Recommend others. I visited twice. My mother was suffering from acute knee pain. After examining the MRI report he suggested me to consult with Orthopaedic surgeon. Thanks.


Sankalita Banerjee, 29Y/F
Treated for - Ankylosing spondylitis, Biologic therapy

Had an excellent experience with Dr Choudhuri. He was very systematic & cordial from very beginning. After learning about my back pain, he saw all the old reports & xrays. Suggested few tests. He promptly diagnosed that I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. He never gave me any false hope of curing the disease, as it is incurable. He explained the disease and its symptoms with diagrams. He told me look through the websites to learn more. He suggested inj Adalimumab 6 doses to control the disease. As the injections were very expensive, he gave me the number of wholesale dealer and told me to contact them for discount. I got more than 50% discount from them, just because of him!! Now I'm absolutely pain free, living a normal life, all because of him. In the present time of money-minded doctors, he is like a breath of fresh air. I'm really lucky to find him. I'll recommend him to anyone with bone or spine problems.

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